Weight Loss Update July - August 2014

I have attempted to do Insanity...  Here is a picture of me walking and baby wearing at Ala Moana Beach Park

July 21
Weight 148
Chest 36
Arm 12
Waist 30
Hips 35
Legs 19

The picture on the left is after nursing school in 2008.  I use to eat fastfood everyday never workout and over ate.  The unhealthy me before I became a nurse.  The right is my current picture.  Im still working on my fitness to get to a healthy BMI.  My goal is not too be skinny but to be healthy and to stop taking my blood pressure Meds and prevent diabetes and cancer!!! I started to clean up my eating and working out.  It is not easy!!! I have bad days but I make the effort to squeeze in workout and watch what I eat now... Because I don't ever want to go back to the picture on the left!!!