50 pounds loss so far!!!

Just wanted to share my 50 pound process pic.  4 years ago I divorced my ex-husband.  I wore this dress for my divorce party.  I was  about 188 pounds, ate a lot and ate out a lot.  I never work out and I was depress!!! This was the start of my weight loss journey.  Wanted to get more happier and healthier.  Today I tried the dress on and I'm swimming in it... I will make sure never to fit in this dress !!! I will make sure to always stay happy and healthy :)

This picture of me on the left is me in 2011 about 170s.  I had no direction and ate everything, so even though I was going to the gym, I had a hard time losing weight.

This picture of me to the left is me pregnant.  I gained the weight that I had loss back.

Of the 3 pictures of me the right is me after doing 21 day fix and starting p90x3.  This time I was able to lose the weight with portion control, eating clean and exercise.  My motivation why I do this.  Well its that little girl.  She is my reason to be more healthy.  So I am going to keep it up and keep it off!!!