21 Day Fix Extreme Results

I love the 21 day fix because it jump started my weight loss. After doing p90x3 and Body Beast I started to enjoy weight training because it helped to change the way my body looks. Even thought I may have "gained weight", I did not look as flabby. So when I heard Autumn Calabrese was making a new program, I knew I had to get it.

21 day fix extreme is a totally different program compared to 21 day fix.  This program pushes you more harder. The 7 day workouts are more intensive with less rest, but the nice thing is the workouts are still 30 minutes long that you do for 21 days. If you follow the "Countdown to Competition Guide, this nutritional guide is more stricter.

March 16
Weight 136
Chest 33
Arm  11 right /11 left
Waist 28
Hips 31 .5
legs 18 right 18 left

So I lost a 1 pound since doing finishing 21 day fix extreme. I can't be disappointed, because that a good thing. As I compare my overall body results in 21 days I had lost 1/2 inch from my waist, 1 inch from hip. It is awesome to lose inches!!! I need to stop worrying about the pounds loss and pay attention the the inches!!!