Running Room Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon

I spent my Veteran's Day weekend doing the Running Room Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon.  This race was 5/5 races from the 808 Race Hawaii 2017 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series.  Before doing the Readiness Series, I have never ran more than 8 miles.  

My last race I felt like I had failed miserably, but at least for this half marathon I knew I could run 11-13 miles.  The last couple weeks before this race I worked on my pace.   I am a slow runner, but wanted to work on some intervals to be a little faster.   Since I returned to work, long runs during the week was harder to do after work.  I stuck with long runs for the weekends.

Celebrated my fiance and I anniversary this week so I was definitely carb loading... Yes my weight has been up since I started running.  I am upset I haven't lost weight (previously in the past I lost 20 pounds just running alone), but the hanger/rungry is real and I have used running as a good excuse to eat... Friday night we dropped my daughter off at my parent's house and had dinner at Stripsteak during Restaurant Week.   The food was awesome and we ordered so much we had left over for breakfast.  The next day we went back to parent’s house, had a light lunch and headed out into town to pick up my packet at the Running Room.  Since my daughter and niece was with us, we went into Kaimuki and got some ice cream from 8 1/2 desserts and picked up some wine at Tamura's.  For dinner I ate fish filet at McDonald's then dropped my niece home and went home to get ready for my race.

I made sure to get up early for this race.  The race started at 5:30AM, so I made sure to wake up early leave the house early so I can get to Kapiolani Park by 4am.  It was raining the night before so I was afraid the weather was going to be terrible during this race.   When I got to Kapiolani Park I was one of the first runner there.   I guess I was too prepared?

I started the race with the walkers.   I did not want to get stuck way behind with the runners like the last 2 races.   For miles 1-6 my pace was really good at  12 minutes/mile.   Then miles 7-10 I had slowed to 13 minutes/mile.   At mile 11-12 I had slowed to a walk.  By this time I was going up the Diamond Head so I know the end was near.  About a mile in I started to pick my pace again at 12 minutes/mile until I crossed the finish line.

Official results: Top 24 walker, top 9 in female age group, total time 2:59:08, pace: 13:40

This was a very good race for me.  I felt really confident even though I had slowed down, but it helped me to realized that I could do it and if I put my mind and heart into I can and will do it.  I have definitely become a better runner and racer!