Blog changes

Hey all. I want to thank you for visiting this blog. This is to inform any of my followers that I am in the process of optimizing my blog.  I was off from work because I was sick, so I changed the theme and updated the text and pictures since I notice typos and broken links to pictures!

I am still debating if I will move my blog from Blogger and/or get a domain. If you are a long time follower of me, you know I had a personal blog domain in the past while I was in college, but closed it and kept blogging with free blog host sites. Well I am itching to get this blog on a domain!

Before I do I want to see if I can incorporate my career and blogging together.  I am looking into advancing my current nurse practice by becoming a nurse wellness coach. My current background is as a clinic nurse, but I want to expand my practice to be more holistic and integrate nutrition.  I will be working on nursing continuing education on wellness and nutrition and will sign up to be a member of the the American Holistic Nurses Association. I am excited to take this step in my career. I hope by becoming a nurse wellness coach, I can provide online tools and resources for my followers to help empower their health!

Look out for the changes, but in the mean time, hang around and check out my old content on my personal health journey.