How to meal prep?

Meal prep has helped me lose weight and keep the weight off.  It takes time to plan meals, but it will help you from eating unnecessary foods.  Here are some of my tips to meal planning:

1 - Pick a day every week to meal plan and meal prep. I prep on Sundays

2 - Figure out what foods and recipes you want to eat for the week. I create a meal plan and shopping list so I know exactly what to buy and don't buy anything extra!!!  I look for whole food recipes from my cook books, internet or Pinterest.  I avoid CRAP

3-  When I get home from shopping I will start cleaning and cutting my fruits and vegetables and cook the foods I can. Cook big batches.  You can freeze half.   Cook extra meats with no sauce and save it on the side for a later dish.

4 - Experiment with baking, steaming, stir fry, slow cooking, pressure cooking, grilling and use your rice cooker. If you can cook multiples things at the same time you will save you time.  I cook every 2-3 days. I'm busy with baby and work full time so I can't spend a lot of time cooking.

5 - When everything is prepared, I separate everything in food containers so all I need to do is grab, heat and eat.   The container I use are ChefLand 2 Compartment Bento Box (can be flimsy), Snapware Plastic, Snapwear Glass, Mason jar for salad and soups storing my cold brew coffee.

Please look at my Instagram for lots of examples.  I showcase my meal preps to keep me accountable.