Body Beast Results

So I use to workout at the gym with a trainer.  My trainer was a nice guy and offered many helpful tips, but when he started to push me to lift heavy, it really intimidated me.  The gym was full of guys lifting heavy and here I am not knowing what the hell I am doing and last thing I want to do is get hurt.  Even though I had a trainer to guide me into weight loss, it was costing me a lot of money to continue, plus I had a weird stalker experience, so I quit.  I tried to go to a new gym with my sister after giving birth, but with not much direction and not knowing if I am doing this right, I stopped going.

Anyways weight training seems so scary to do by myself... so why did I decide to try Body Beast?  Well with the success of p90x3, I figure lets keep toning and building muscle to look more leaner plus the price was cheaper that one month's gym membership.  

Sagi Kalev is the trainer behind Body Beast. The program is 90 day, divided into 3 block/months to help you build muscles, bulk and beast/lean/cut out.  The workouts are about 30-50 minutes long.  For each block there are about 3-4 exercise days focus on a body group (chest, leg, arm, back, shoulder), cardio day, and one rest day a week.  When combined with his Eating Plan it will help you shred fat!!!  You will do 3 sets with ascending weights, 15 reps with the lowest weight, 12 reps with the medium weight, 8 reps with the heaviest weight. He encouraged to lift heavy, but drop if necessary but keep going,

For this program I used 3 sets of dumb bells to do upper body exercise (5, 10, 15) and 3 sets of dumb bells to do lower body exercise (10, 15, 20), resistance band in placed of the pull up bar and stability ball in placed of bench.  In my opinion, Sagi Kalev is very good at explaining how to do the exercises. He shows you how to lift weights in the comfort of your home.

Weight 137
Chest 33
Arm  11 left /11 right
Waist 29.5
Hips 32.5
Legs 18 left 18 right 
Wrist: 6
Forearm: 9

So I gained 5 pounds... I hope this is muscles and not fat.  Let's concentrate on cleaning up my diet more and keep weight training!!!