1 year since I made a commitment to take care of me!!!

April 7 - 21 day fix extreme end round 2
Weight 136
Chest 33
Arm  11 right /11 left 
Waist 28
Hips 31 .5
Legs 17.5 right 17.5 left

So I did not lose any weight or inches after this round of 21 day fix.  I was disappointed at first... Then I saw this picture.  It has been 1 year since I started this journey. In the picture on the left I was still working night shift, 6 months postpartum and did not workout. The picture to the right is my post 21 day fix extreme results, round 2. I am grateful to be on this health journey

Changing the way I eat and adding 30 minutes of exercise has help me transform my life!!! I no longer need to take blood pressure medicines (which I started taking at 19 years old). I still eat sweets in moderation, but I never had to starve. I learn to balance healthy eating and working out. With my busy life I make time to be healthy and eat healthy!!! Keeping the 50 pounds off is hard but I'm grateful that I have!!! I need to keep concentrating on tightening up and building some muscles. Strong is the new sexy!!!


With my niece 2010 before I ever worked out consistently!!!