Weight Loss Update November 2014

I am so proud of myself to officially be off blood pressure medicines!!! I was diagnosis with hypertension at 19 years old.  When I was pregnant I had pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes.  6 months postpartum I decided to make a serious lifestyle change to eat clean and exercise.  I wanted to stop taking medicine and never get diabetes again!!! I am so glad I made this change.  I lost 50 pounds and my doctor told me I can stop taking my medicine!!! It is possible to be happy and healthy.  Food is not the enemy it is your friend and can help you not against you!!!

November 23 completed 21 day fix round 3
Weight 132
Chest 33
Arm  11.5 left /11.5 right
Waist 29.5
Hips 32.5
Legs 18 left 18 right 
Wrist: 6
Forearm: 9

This is the lowest weight I have ever gone!!!  I'm so proud of this accomplishment however I am not use to this.  I feel like I am not eating enough, feeling more weak and stressed out.  Could be the new job too...