Weight Loss Update January 2016

2015 was a rough fitness time for me.  I stated my new career as a clinic nurse and feel like my weight loss has plateau.  I would love to be 125, but my body seems to like being 135.  So I need to just keep up with working out and eating healthy.

I was doing bodybuilding.com workouts to get variety.  I tried Ashley Conrad's 21 day Clutch Cut, Erin Stern's Elite Body, and Chassidy Smother's Beyond Basic Training.  I enjoyed all these workouts and got more comfortable with lifting weights.  I was practicing paleo on most days.  

How do you accomplish new year's resolution?  Set your goals, set a due date, plan your steps, do it, keep accountable and reflect!!! 2016 goals are set thanks to  @chalenejohnson Push.  Will keep up with food logging and workout planning. I am going to be aware of my carbs and food intake, but wont be strict paleo.  I want to keep up with weight training.

Since its GAR time I will need to get my runs in,  Trying to run outdoors alone is ideal, but most times I am running with my daughter in the stroller.