Hello 2017

My insurance offers a free gym membership that starts this year, 2017.  UFC is not part of my insurance's approved gyms.  So I discontinued my UFC membership.  I was paying about $90 a month and not making use of the ultimate membership.  The only reason why I like to go was because the gym was close to my work.

Right around the time I decided to stop my UFC membership, I had an ankle injury.  I haven't been in the gym since October.  Then I went to Disneyland with my family, enjoyed the holidays, my family and I got sick, and indulge during the birthdays of my fiance and mom.  My workouts and eating were wack!  I gained almost 12 pounds.  I was at my lowest weight at 128 and went up to 142 pounds 😢

After my mom's birthday I told myself lets get serious now.  I signed up for 24 Hour Fitness.  I paid $200 initiation fee, which is not too bad because I do not need to pay a monthly fee.  The nice part of my insurance is if you work out 45 times in a year you get your initiation fee money back.  Not a bad deal.

I created my own workout plan using an old guide I made when I was going to 24 Hour Fitness over 4 years ago.  It uses information from: Bodybuilding.com The Female Training Bible.  I plan to go the gym in the morning before work and lift weight 3x a week, incorporate HITT or running at least 2-3 x a week.  I am still doing the GAR on President's day.  I signed up for the Honolulu Marathon so I need to start training for longer runs!  Maybe I will sign up for a half marathon too 😀  If I can't make the gym I will still do my workout at home.

As far as nutritional program,  I am carb cycling, using Chris and Heidi Powell's guide.  I will keep my carbs low during the week, and my carbs will be high on Friday and Saturday.  This week I recorded my calorie intake because it has been awhile since I did this and it is good to see how much calories and macro nutrients food contains.  I was doing the 21 day fix portioning, which is convenient and helpful, but maybe I was still over eating...I dont know but if there is no change, need to do something different right!