Fitish dreaming of food

So I've been through a crazy health journey.  From weighing 180s to losing 50 pounds and stalling out and now learning to manage stress better and maintaining the weight and lifestyle.  I would love to lose more weight but I can't... haha or maybe I can but not trying hard enough.  I was discourage due to restarting my blood pressure medications.  I tried to give up meat but realize I can't.  So I've come to realize you can still eat and enjoy life but in moderation.

So here comes the food dreams.  When I turned 30 I had the best birthday lunch ever at Mitch's Fish Market.  We tried the chef special which was about $70 per person and included lobster sashimi, assorted sashimi, assorted sushi, baked seafood vanvan, lobster miso soup.  This place popped my seafood/sashimi/sushi cherry!  Ever since I tried this place my fianc√© and I have been out a sashimi kick. My taste buds have change to appreciate different fish types, quality, cuts, decor/display, taste which of course comes with a high price. My fiance started to get interested in sashimi knives and cutting up fish.  So we have been eating more sashimi!   We prefer sashimi over sushi since I don't eat a lot of rice.  Conveyor belt sushi joints do not satisfy my palate.  I also watched "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" and started to appreciate sashimi/sushi even more.

I've grown to appreciate wine.  Love trying different Merlots from different wineries!  My favorite is the Emmolo!

I've grown to appreciate green tea, Matcha.  My mom works for a green tea company so I am lucky to try different types!

I watched the movie "In defense of food" based on  Michael Pollan's book which concluded "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants."  I totally agree.  I was inspired to keep working out and eating good!  I am fitish, I am a foodie and I will embrace my love for food!

Here are some snaps of food at Yelp Event at Waikiki Kokocho and Sushi ii during my birthday week

my sister and I with our Yelp swag

sushi from Beniya

Birthday dinner at Sushi ii with my family

Live baby abalone with ponzu
LOVE LOVE uni and torro!!!

7 type sashimi moriawase

bone marrow with roasted garlic and eggplant crostini

house specials froi gras nigiri

house specials wagyu beef nigiri