Runner's HI 20 K

On Labor day weekend I did the Runner's HI 20 K which was a 12 mile race.  This was 2/5 races from the 808 Race Hawaii 2017 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series.  The days before this run I did not train at all.  The weekend before the work week I did not do my long run.  Work has been stressful training new staff and overtime.   I had no time to run.  Not a good sign...

I picked up my packet at Runner's HI on Saturday.  I use to live in Aiea but never had a reason to go into the shop.  It's a very small shop with running shoes and running gear to the left and kayaking supplies to the right.  The staff running the packet pick up were the same people that was at Boca Hawaii. 

After leaving the shop I went to the mall with my daughter.  We carb load with cookies and for dinner I ate pizza.  I am so distracted with Game of Thrones.  I just started watching this TV series and could binge watch it all day and night, but I got ready for race.  This time I plan to use my new hydration pack that my fiance bought for me.  Last race I had frozen blueberries with me.  This time I brought Logan.

At first I was thinking to walk to Barber's Point Elementary School, but because it was so dark out I decided to drive.   I really did not get that much sleep.  I woke up later, about 4AM.  I ate some fried rice for breakfast then I headed out to the race area before 5AM.  I was not nervous, but I was not prepared.  I forgot my chapstick and my sweat wrist band.  I did bring my arm reflective light.  Raul from Boca gave his speech and the "walkers" started about 10 minutes before the race.   

1-5 mile - I did very good.  I ran comfortably.  It was not hot in the beginning and I was very slow.   I kept my pace steady.

6 -8 mile - I started to slow down.  The Kapolei heat was started to take it effects on me.  I started to drink more water and ate my Logan during the race. 

9 -11 mile - feeling disappointment I started walking.  I tried to run when I didn't feel so tired.  I ran out of water in my hydration pack and grabbed water from the aid station.  I drank some and splash some on my body.

I was happy to finish the race, but I realized the importance of training and being prepared.  I will need to be better prepared.  I need to make time to run.  Set your intentions and do it, and do it right!

Official results: top 30 walker, top 16 Female in my age group, total time: 3:03, pace: 14:44