Autosource 25 K

I did the Autosource 25 K which was a 15 mile race on 10/1/2017.  This was 3/5 races from the 808 Race Hawaii 2017 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series.

I was scared to do this race.  My fiancé' cousin's girlfriend did this race and injured her knee.  She told me the course was mostly hills and after her knee injury it took her a long time to recover.  I did not train for hills.  I did do some runs before the race.  So I was a bit prepared.

The day before the race we walked around Chinatown.  Was that a good idea?  I carb load with manapua, pork hash, donuts, nam khao and beef jerky.  I picked up my packet at Autosource then headed home.  After being home for a short while, we went back into town to my friend’s birthday party at Dave and Buster.  We stayed out late playing games.  We didn't get back home till 11pm.  I went to sleep right away but woke up late at 4am.  I did something different.  I used skort, compression socks, cooling towel, brought raisin and fruit gummies and ditched my hydration belt for my fiancé waist bag.  My fiancé dropped me off at Kailua Beach, but I got there too late to be part of the walkers.  Then I had to pee so I started the race late!

1-5 mile - I didn't know where the start of the race was.  All the runner were way ahead of me.  It was really dark out but I followed the signs and people that we're ahead of me.   From the start at Kailua Beach we headed into Lanikai.  The hills didn't seem so bad at first.  I did get thirsty before the first aid station.  I grabbed my ice that stored my cooling towel and ate some gummy bears.  The view was beautiful we ran back to Kailua Beach.

6-8 mile - I ran toward Kaneohe Bay.  This part of the course was flat and my pace was not too bad.  It was starting to get hot so I made use of my cooling towel.  I drank water at each aid station and ate more gummy bears along the way.

9-13 mile - Once I got to the Marine Corp Base I stated to slowdown.  We were going up on an inclined and the roads were uneven so I had to watch my stepping.  My shoes didn’t feel comfortable.  My knees, legs, hips started to hurt.  It was getting hotter!  I didn’t know if I could make it.  The vog was thick.  I was feeling really tired!  Then I realize this is way longer than I normally do.  Lack of sleep, all this walking before hand and not enough distance training... shit!

14-15 miles - As I ran back to Kailua Beach Park, I started to pick up speed.  I was relieve that the race was nearing the end.  The last water station was out of water, but I was ok since I knew there will be water at the end.  When I got closer to the finish line I went faster until I crossed it and I was done.

Official results: I'm top 38 runner in my female age group, total time 3:48, pace 15:12

This was definitely a killer race.  The hills really suck!  The road here sucks.  The vog/weather sucked!  It was the view and change in scenery that made this run tolerable!  This run has defiantly taught me to prepare better for my long runs!  I cooled off at Kailua Beach afterwards.