It was my daughter’s birthday the week before the HMSA 30 k. This race was 4/5 races from the 808 Race Hawaii 2017 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series.  I have been on vacation so I was able to run 2x during my vacation before the run.  Trying to increase my mid week runs to 4-8 Miles.  On a normal work week I only do 2 Miles.  With over a month more before the marathon I should be doing 20 Miles a week!

Friday I ran 11 Miles then I picked up my packet at the HMSA building in Honolulu.  The next day we celebrated my daughter birthday at the Aloun Farm's Pumpkin Patch and came back to my house for lunch,  pumpkin decorating and cupcake.  I was being careful with pigging out because I’ve been gaining some weight.  Running has made me more hangry/rungry!  I’ve used the excuse to eat and run.  I look/feel lean but the weight is up!  I didn't drink any liquor during the party.  I made sure to drink lots of water!


I called the party quits by 7pm so I could prep for my run. I bathed, prep my water, snacks, bag, battery pack, phone charger, headphones, keys, ID, cooling towel.  Finally went to bed woke up at 3am, but I was so tired.  I actually woke up late!  The race starts at 5am and I was suppose to be there at 4am to start with the walkers.  The last race I was late and ran with the runners.  By the time I got to Kapiolani Park I was too late to be counted as a walker.  Then I realize I forgot my bib!  Luckily they were still going to let me race!  They verified my name and just wrote my bib number on a piece of paper.

I started the run pretty strong.  At about 5 miles in after Kahala Mall I had the urge to poop.  I ate too big a meal to close to run time and I needed to go.  Good thing there was a gas station.  I did what I had to do then I went on with my run.  I was at about 10 miles when my stamina slowed down.  I was keeping up with 14 minutes/mile pace then dramatically slowed.  At least I’m half way done!  By the time I hit the 12 mile mark I had no energy.  I walked most of the way back.  I was so slow that Safety Systems of Hawaii had to take down the cones because the race was officially over and the road was reopened to the public.  I felt embarrass!

Official results: Total time 4:56:41.6 

I completed the run not feeling very proud of myself but I should have.  This was the first 18 mile run I ever did.  I should be proud I made it this far!!!  I was definitely exhausted but I learned:

1.  Rest between long runs
2.  Don’t party or do anything strenuous night before
3.  Don’t eat heavy meals before the race
4. Always be prepared and double check night before and before leave house