2017 Honolulu Marathon

I am officially a marathoner!

I never imagined myself even saying that.   This is the first thing I told myself after I crossed the finish line, got some Gatorade and water and looked down at the medal.  I held back my tears, but I was so proud of myself!!!

Now fast forward to couple days ago.

I celebrated my accomplishments for completing the 808 Race Hawaii Bioastin Marathon Readiness Series by participating in the 808 Race Hawaii's celebratory dinner. 

During the last race I was able to chat with a friend who told me he lost 50 pounds and has done the marathon for 5 years.  He said after the race series if you attend the 808 Hawaii race dinner you get a medal. I told myself it would be awesome to get a medal so I decided to sign up for the free dinner.

So I went stag, but to see the other racers, I actually enjoyed the company of like minds.   I am grateful I signed up and did this race series.  If it wasn't for 808 Race Hawaii, I may have not been as prepared to do the marathon.  It has been a great accomplishment to do all the races because that means I have ran/completed 111 K!

After work I went to the Honolulu Marathon Expo at the Honolulu Convention Center.   I picked up my packet, made my rounds around the expo.  I did not buy anything, although I was very tempted, I left and headed home.  I did some carb loading with some yummy chicken bake and baked snap pea snacks from Costco.

We had a family fun day!  We participated in Hawaiian snow day, watched Coco then went to my Christmas Party at the bowling alley.  I ate a whole bunch of junk!  Grapes for breakfast, chicken and potato for lunch, 2 pieces of pizza, cake and salad for dinner.

It was an awesome day, but I am wondering if it was too much activities right before a marathon.  I should of laid low and turn in early.  Well I tired to turn in early but the Kapolei Christmas Party blocked the entrance to my neighborhood!  So we went to my sister's house to crash for a few hours.  I went to bed/nap at 7pm.  It was hard to sleep...  Left their house about 9pm to finally go home.


I woke up early at 2am.  I drank my coffee, ate boiled egg and half a peanut butter sandwich.  I was going to eat more, but I couldn't.  I woke up my fiance by 3am so that he could drop me as close as he can get to the start of the finish line near Ala Moana Beach Park.  I had to pee real bad and the bathroom room lines were very long.  I went to both bathroom areaa, but couldnt wait so I peed next to a tree.  I was ready to run now!   There were so much Japanese people!  I was at the yellow start area, but I did not want to finish late so I tried go closer to the orange start area so I could potentially finish earlier.  I did not have a target finish in mind, I just wanted to complete it!

The race started with fireworks.  It was beautiful to watch, but I wanted to get the race started.  I started the race strong with a pace of 14 minutes/miles for the first 7 miles.  It was a nice run around downtown into Waikiki.   Then at about 8 miles I started to climb Diamond Head.  It was not too bad.  I slowed my pace during the uphill but as we descended down I used it to my advantage.  I was keeping up my pace until I hit about 11 miles.  By this time I was entering Kalanianaole Highway my energy was winding down.  I started to change my pace to a walk and run until I hit 17 miles, I had to take a pee break at the end of Hawaii Kai Drive.  When I started the race again I was coming back on Kalanianaole Highway and I could not keep up with any running.   I dramatically slowed my pace to just a walk.  I really felt like giving up.  My last long run was 18 miles, but I really was not sure if I could run any more. As much as I wanted to run , I was afraid my body would give out and I wouldn't be able to finish.  I felt like I wasn't going to make it.  I walked from mile 18-25.7.  I finally saw the finish line in sight.  I found my energy, second wind then I ran as much as I could until I got to the finish line.  I felt very numb to finally finish this race.  It was very surreal!

Official results: total time  07:29:22, pace 17:09 minutes/mile


Runner's High is real.   I do not always feel it after a run, but when I do its an amazing feeling of accomplishment mixed with tiredness and willingness to do this crazy stuff again.   I swear this lasted for the whole week.  I wanted to get back to running ASAP, but told myself to relax and let muscles relax and repair.

Here is a picture of me with my 2 medals and my finisher's shirt.  My next race is the GAR on 2/19/2018.  I signed up with my daughter, my stroller baby.   This may be our last year doing it this way.  I will most likely sign up for the Readiness Series and Honolulu Marathon.  The tricky part is I am getting married next year.  Lets see how I will balance all that!