Hello 2018

2017 is gone and 2018 is here. I felt last year was an odd health year for me.  The goal was to maintain my weight but I actually gained weight.  I was bummed to gain weight, but I shouldn’t be bummed because I ran a marathon!

I struggled with finding a balance with everything in my life.  I was not paying attention to calories, meal preps or even working out.  Running was convenient for me because all I needed was shoes and then  I made the time to run.  I thought running would makes me lose weight because it has helped me in the past!  Not true for me this time, I was most likely over my calories intake post run meal.  I’ve also notice in the past years that my body looks “nicer” when I lift weights.  I hardly lifted weights last year because I just didn’t have the time.  I was already stress with work.  I started drinking more alcohol and caffeine.

There are many running articles, books and the dietitian that I consulted with push for carbohydrates to fuel your run. So I listen and well I can’t tell you if it has help me on my runs or not, but I was not watching what I eat post run. Hangary/Rungry is real and I took advantage of this and ate everything and anything!  My gut was not happy thought.  Maybe it’s the quality or my carbs and food intake.  I was not caring about my food intake and I was so stressed, I lost hindsight of my health.  I need to watch my carb/food choices because it’s affecting my gut!  I use to suffer from irritated bowel syndrome (IBS) with diarrhea and constipation, which slowed down after I got a job in the clinic.  Then in 2016, after becoming charge nurse, I started to get more heartburn and stomach pain especially when I didn’t eat “clean”.  It is possible the combination of increase food intake, not watching food quality and intake, stress, alcohol and more caffine are the factors that are making me fluffy affecting my gut and also my body composition.

This year my goal is to be a better runner, weight train, track my workout, food, stress level and continue my eating healthy.  I’m going to continue my low carb, whole food/paleo style of eating so that I will be more intune with what causes my stomach issues and weight.  So I will go back to basics with a food and fitness diary (paper journal and MyFitnessPal) so I can figure out if I truly have a food sensitivity or if this is all emotion/stress related.

Low carb and carb cycling eating style works for me.  It’s my balance for being healthy and having a life.  Low carb has been very beneficial as it has helped me keep my weight down.  It’s crazy that low carb/ketogenic diet is the latest health craze now when I was kind of practicing this style for a while.  So it’s nice that there are more recipes and people who support this lifestyle!

Anyways, let’s have a great 2018!