Happy tips

I believe taking care of your health (mind, body and spirit) and having a positive outlook can help you get to any goals.  Here are just some of my happy tips that has helped me with my health and weight loss.
  1. Have goals.  I recommend to look into Push Goal.  I bought my book on Amazon.  It helps you to put your life into perspective so you can try to achieve the things you want in your life.
  2. Start off slow.  This is your journey so take it at your pace!  Take the time to build your knowledge on how to be healthy.  Read a lot of books and articles about diet and exercise.  There is no quick fix!
  3. Eat real food and meal plan.  Should you track your calories intake?  Calorie restriction can help with weight loss, but tracking and restricting your food intake can affect your mental health.  I would encourage to do an elimination style diet where you avoid process foods and eat more whole foods.  I recommend  Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s book “It Starts with Food”.  
  4. Walk or run.  You do need shoes.  I like Asics!  If you need a workout plan look at Bodybuilding.comPinterest, and YouTube for free tips and videos. Beachbody is also great for DVDs and online video streaming, but you need to pay for it.
  5. Work on your goal!  Your not going to change if you do not do anything. I mark my workouts, eating schedule and meal preps in my phone calendar and set reminders. I made it part of my daily routine.
  6. Track your progress to help you stay accountable.   I like to use a planner/journal, use this Blog and my Instagram. I also use MyFitnessPal to track your weight, measurements, workouts, food and water intake
  7. Evaluate your goal.  Is it working?  It does not have to show by how much weight you lose.  Look into body measurements, non-scale victories and endurance.  If it's not working, why?  How can you improve?
  8. Always reward yourself if you have achieved a goal.  It motivates you to keep going!
  9. Do not pay attention to haters.  They will always hate.
  10. Surround yourself with healthy and happy people.  This will help you to keep going!