Healthy Hawaii

Living on an island is expensive.  A lot of our goods have been exported here so we may be paying more for everyday things compared to the US mainland.   Hawaii made and grown products can be even more expensive because the cost of living to live here is high.   As expensive as it can be to live here, I am a big advocate for supporting and buying Local Hawaiian products and food.  I believe it is important to support Hawaii farmers and business, stay sustainable and not as dependent on the mainland.   If I buy from big chain mainland companies it is because it is cheaper.  Organic products are ideal, but it can be too expensive.  I still buy conventional products, but will choose from a local shop or farm any day!

So where do I buy all my healthy foods?

Farmer's Market for fresh fruits and vegetables:

Local grocery stores:
  • Foodland - sells local, organic and conventional foods at great prices when you use the Maika'i rewards/discount card
  • Down to Earth - sells organic food and natural/healthy products (no meat sold here)
  • Pacific Market - asian products
  • Don Quiote - asian products
  • Chef Zone - warehouse that sells local, organic and conventional foods by bulk

Mainland grocery stores:
  • Costco - we buy bulk meat, frozen vegetables, dry/pantry products.  I don't always buy fresh fruits and vegetables because it is imported and welts/rots fast.  I buy my cookbooks from here!
  • Safeway - we buy local, organic and conventional foods at great prices when you use the Safeway card and app, I especially love $5 Fridays
  • Seafood City - asian products, we like to buy fish here
  • Amazon with Prime membership - we buy dry/pantry products that I can’t find in Hawaii or it’s cheaper. Ships in about a week.  I buy my cookbooks from here!

Other Resources:
Currently I only buy local and organic fruits and vegetables, but I am trying to move in the direction for local, wild, grass fed, pasture/free ranged meats.