Friday, March 2, 2018

Just eat real food

What is your why? I remember that was the question that was asked of me when I first started this journey. My answer was to take care of me so I can take care of my family and patients. I need to set a good example by taking care of me first. Here is the video I created. It’s so raw and of course not edited.

The reason I wanted to share this video was to remind myself of my journey and willingness to help others in this journey too.  I may not be a “coach” but I am a nurse so by nature I care for others and want to help them get better.  I’ve seen sick people when I used to work nights in the hospital and now in the clinic setting I see more healthier people and I can make an impact in their preventative care to help optimize their health.  I’ve come to realize over the years that it’s not about just working out, but food!  It truly starts with food and understanding how food fuels your body and it makes a difference on the quality of foods you take in.

I’m a home cook, but I am nothing like my chef dad who is amazing at what he does.  I’ve watch my parents and helped cook, but I never tried to prepare a meal for them because I was so afraid of criticism and failing!  I was intimidated by them.  When I finally moved out on my own, I had to go grocery shopping on my own and prepare my own meals.  I gained confidence in cooking and eating healthy.  I’ve come to accumulate a variety of cookbooks like Local-Hawaiian, Filipino, easy meals, make a head meals, slow cooking, pressure cooking, and vegetarian. I love cookbooks with pictures!  My go to cook books are paleo! 

Here are my new cookbook additions:

I am not doing keto but I do practice low carb whole food/paleo.  I’m not perfect so on most days I eat “clean” and I allow the weekends with family and friends to enjoy.  This may be the reason in my stall in weight loss but it’s my balance to still enjoy food.  Sometime my stomach will have issues when I eat “bad”.  I like to use Sunday for meal prep and detox.  

I enjoy Melissa Hartwig’s book “It Starts with Food”.  I truly feel it’s a revolutionary book with so much information on how food can affect your life.  I highly recommend it.  I have not done a full Whole 30 yet, but hope to do it this year.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

2018 Great Aloha Run

I did the Great Aloha Run 2018.  This is my 6th year doing it and my 4th year doing it with my daughter in the stroller.  I am very proud of myself because this year I beat my time for all 6 years!!!  The first time I did the GAR my time for the 8.2 miles race was 2 hour 9 minutes.   This time while pushing my daughter in the stroller my time was 1 hour 57 minutes!  So proud of myself!

This is good prep for the Honolulu Marathon 2018!  Yes I signed up again.  I will sign up for 808racehawaii Marathon Series.  I am still debating if I will sign up for more races.  I think in the off season before the marathon I will weight train.

Here is a throwback to my first Honolulu Marathon 2017, first Great Aloha Run 2013 and this year’s Great Aloha Run

Monday, January 1, 2018

Hello 2018

2017 is gone and 2018 is here. I felt last year was an odd health year for me.  The goal was to maintain my weight but I actually gained weight.  I was bummed to gain weight, but I shouldn’t be bummed because I ran a marathon!

I struggled with finding a balance with everything in my life.  I was not paying attention to calories, meal preps or even working out.  Running was convenient for me because all I needed was shoes and then  I made the time to run.  I thought running would makes me lose weight because it has helped me in the past!  Not true for me this time, I was most likely over my calories intake post run meal.  I’ve also notice in the past years that my body looks “nicer” when I lift weights.  I hardly lifted weights last year because I just didn’t have the time.  I was already stress with work.  I started drinking more alcohol and caffeine.

There are many running articles, books and the dietician that I consulted with push for carbohydrates to fuel your run. So I listen and well I can’t tell you  if it has help me on my runs or not, but I was not watching what I eat post run. Hangary/Rungry is real and I took advantage of this and ate everything and anything!  My gut was not happy thought.  Maybe it’s the quality or my carbs and food intake.  I was not caring about my food intake and I was so stressed, I lost hindsight of my health.  I need to watch my carb/food choices because it’s affecting my gut!  I use to suffer from irritated bowel syndrome (IBS) with diarrhea and constipation, which slowed down after I got a job in the clinic.  Then in  2016, I after becoming charge nurse, I started to get more heartburn and stomach pain especially when I didn’t eat “clean”.  It is possible the combination of increase food intake, not watching food quality and intake , stress, alcohol and more caffine are the factors that are making me fluffy affecting my gut and also my body composition.

This year my goal is to be a better runner, weight train, track my workout, food, stress level and continue my eating healthy.  I’m going to continue my low carb, whole food/paleo style of eating so that I will be more intune with what causes my stomach issues and weight.  So I will go back to basics with a food and fitness diary (paper journal and MyFitnessPal) so I can figure out if I truly have a food sensitivity or if this is all emotion/stress related.

Speaking or low carb, it’s crazy that low carb/ketogenic diet is the latest health craze now when I was kind of practicing this style for a while.  So it’s nice that there are more recipes and people who support this lifestyle!

Anyways, let’s have a great 2018!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

2017 Honolulu Marathon

I am officially a marathoner!

I never imagined myself even saying that.   This is the first thing I told myself after I crossed the finish line, got some Gatorade and water and looked down at the medal.  I held back my tears, but I was so proud of myself!!!

Now fast forward to couple days ago.

I celebrated my accomplishments for completing the 808 Race Hawaii Bioastin Marathon Readiness Series by participating in the 808 Race Hawaii's celebratory dinner. 

During the last race I was able to chat with a friend who told me he lost 50 pounds and has done the marathon for 5 years.  He said after the race series if you attend the 808 Hawaii race dinner you get a medal. I told myself it would be awesome to get a medal so I decided to sign up for the free dinner.

So I went stag, but to see the other racers, I actually enjoyed the company of like minds.   I am grateful I signed up and did this race series.  If it wasn't for 808 Race Hawaii, I may have not been as prepared to do the marathon.  It has been a great accomplishment to do all the races because that means I have ran/completed 111 K!


After work I went to the Honolulu Marathon Expo at the Honolulu Convention Center.   I picked up my packet, made my rounds around the expo.  I did not buy anything, although I was very tempted, I left and headed home.  I did some carb loading with some yummy chicken bake and baked snap pea snacks from Costco.

We had a family fun day!  We participated in Hawaiian snow day, watched Coco then went to my Christmas Party at the bowling alley.  I ate a whole bunch of junk!  Grapes for breakfast, chicken and potato for lunch, 2 pieces of pizza, cake and salad for dinner.

It was an awesome day, but I am wondering if it was too much activities right before a marathon.  I should of laid low and turn in early.  Well I tired to turn in early but the Kapolei Christmas Party blocked the entrance to my neighborhood!  So we went to my sister's house to crash for a few hours.  I went to bed/nap at 7pm.  It was hard to sleep...  Left their house about 9pm to finally go home.

I woke up early at 2am.  I drank my coffee, ate boiled egg and half a peanut butter sandwich.  I was going to eat more, but I couldn't.  I woke up my fiance by 3am so that he could drop me as close as he can get to the start of the finish line near Ala Moana Beach Park.  I had to pee real bad and the bathroom room lines were very long.  I went to both bathroom areaa, but couldnt wait so I peed next to a tree.  I was ready to run now!   There were so much Japanese people!  I was at the yellow start area, but I did not want to finish late so I tried go closer to the orange start area so I could potentially finish earlier.  I did not have a target finish in mind, I just wanted to complete it!

The race started with fireworks.  It was beautiful to watch, but I wanted to get the race started.  I started the race strong with a pace of 14 minutes/miles for the first 7 miles.  It was a nice run around downtown into Waikiki.   Then at about 8 miles I started to climb Diamond Head.  It was not too bad.  I slowed my pace during the uphill but as we descended down I used it to my advantage.  I was keeping up my pace until I hit about 11 miles.  By this time I was entering Kalanianaole Highway my energy was winding down.  I started to change my pace to a walk and run until I hit 17 miles, I had to take a pee break at the end of Hawaii Kai Drive.  When I started the race again I was coming back on Kalanianaole Highway and I could not keep up with any running.   I dramatically slowed my pace to just a walk.  I really felt like giving up.  My last long run was 18 miles, but I really was not sure if I could run any more. As much as I wanted to run , I was afraid my body would give out and I wouldn't be able to finish.  I felt like I wasn't going to make it.  I walked from mile 18-25.7.  I finally saw the finish line in sight.  I found my energy, second wind then I ran as much as I could until I got to the finish line.  I felt very numb to finally finish this race.  It was very surreal!

Official results: total time  07:29:22, pace 17:09 minutes/mile

Runner's High is real.   I do not always feel it after a run, but when I do its an amazing feeling of accomplishment mixed with tiredness and willingness to do this crazy stuff again.   I swear this lasted for the whole week.  I wanted to get back to running ASAP, but told myself to relax and let muscles relax and repair.

Here is a picture of me with my 2 medals and my finisher's shirt.  My next race is the GAR on 2/19/2018.  I signed up with my daughter, my stroller baby.   This may be our last year doing it this way.  I will most likely sign up for the Readiness Series and Honolulu Marathon.  The tricky part is I am getting married next year.  Lets see how I will balance all that!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Running Room Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon

I spent my Veteran's Day weekend doing the Running Room Val Nolasco 1/2 Marathon.  This race was 5/5 races from the 808 Race Hawaii 2017 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series.  Before doing the Readiness Series, I have never ran more than 8 miles.  

My last race I felt like I had failed miserably, but at least for this half marathon I knew I could run 11-13 miles.  The last couple weeks before this race I worked on my pace.   I am a slow runner, but wanted to work on some intervals to be a little faster.   Since I returned to work, long runs during the week was harder to do after work.  I stuck with long runs for the weekends.

Celebrated my fiance and I anniversary this week so I was definitely carb loading... Yes my weight has been up since I started running.  I am upset I haven't lost weight (previously in the past I lost 20 pounds just running alone), but the hanger/rungry is real and I have used running as a good excuse to eat... Friday night we dropped my daughter off at my parent's house and had dinner at Stripsteak during Reastaurant Week.   The food was awesome and we ordered so much we had left over for breakfast.  The next day we went back to parent’s house, had a light lunch and headed out into town to pick up my packet at the Running Room.  Since my daughter and niece was with us, we went into Kaimuki and got some ice cream from 8 1/2 desserts and picked up some wine at Tamura's.  For dinner I ate fish filet at McDonald's then dropped my niece home and went home to get ready for my race.

I made sure to get up early for this race.  The race started at 5:30AM, so I made sure to wake up early leave the house early so I can get to Kapiolani Park by 4am.  It was raining the night before so I was afraid the weather was going to be terrible during this race.   When I got to Kapiolani Park I was one of the first runner there.   I guess I was too prepared?

I started the race with the walkers.   I did not want to get stuck way behind with the runners like the last 2 races.   For miles 1-6 my pace was really good at  12 minutes/mile.   Then miles 7-10 I had slowed to 13 minutes/mile.   At mile 11-12 I had slowed to a walk.  By this time I was going up the Diamond Head so I know the end was near.  About a mile in I started to pick my pace again at 12 minutes/mile until I crossed the finish line.

Official results: Top 24 walker, top 9 in female age group, total time 2:59:08, pace: 13:40

This was a very good race for me.  I felt really confident even though I had slowed down, but it helped me to realized that I could do it and if I put my mind and heart into I can and will do it.  I have definately become a better runner and racer!