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Blog changes

Hey all. I want to thank you for visiting this blog. This is to inform any of my followers that I am in the process of optimizing my blog.  I was off from work because I was sick, so I changed the theme and updated the text and pictures since I notice typos and broken links to pictures!

I am still debating if I will move my blog from Blogger and/or get a domain. If you are a long time follower of me, you know I had a personal blog domain in the past while I was in college, but closed it and kept blogging with free blog host sites. Well I am itching to get this blog on a domain!

Before I do I want to see if I can incorporate my career and blogging together.  I am looking into advancing my current nurse practice by becoming a nurse wellness coach. My current background is as a clinic nurse, but I want to expand my practice to be more holistic and integrate nutrition.  I will be working on nursing continuing education on wellness and nutrition and will sign up to be a member of t…

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