Sunday, October 22, 2017


It was my daughter’s birthday the week before the HMSA 30 k. This race was 4/5 races from the 808 Race Hawaii 2017 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series.  I have been on vacation so I was able to run 2x during my vacation before the run.  Trying to increase my mid week runs to 4-8 Miles.  On a normal work week I only do 2 Miles.  With over a month more before the marathon I should be doing 20 Miles a week!

Friday I ran 11 Miles then I picked up my packet at the HMSA building in Honolulu.  The next day we celebrated my daughter birthday at the Aloun Farm's Pumpkin Patch and came back to my house for lunch,  pumpkin decorating and cupcake.  I was being careful with pigging out because I’ve been gaining some weight.  Running has made me more hangry/rungry!  I’ve used the excuse to eat and run.  I look/feel lean but the weight is up!  I didn't drink any liquor during the party.  I made sure to drink lots of water!

I called the party quits by 7pm so I could prep for my run. I bathed, prep my water, snacks, bag, battery pack, phone charger, headphones, keys, ID, cooling towel.  Finally went to bed woke up at 3am, but I was so tired.  I actually woke up late!  The race starts at 5am and I was suppose to be there at 4am to start with the walkers.  The last race I was late and ran with the runners.  By the time I got to Kapiolani Park I was too late to be counted as a walker.  Then I realize I forgot my bib!  Luckily they were still going to let me race!  They verified my name and just wrote my bib number on a piece of paper.

I started the run pretty strong.  At about 5 miles in after Kahala Mall I had the urge to poop.  I ate too big a meal to close to run time and I needed to go.  Good thing there was a gas station.  I did what I had to do then I went on with my run.  I was at about 10 miles when my stamina slowed down.  I was keeping up with. 14 Miles/minute pace then dramatically slowed.  At least I’m half way done!  By the time I hit the 12 mile mark I had no energy.  I walked most of the way back.  I was so slow that Safety Systems of Hawaii had to take down the cones because the race was officially over and the road was reopened to the public.  I felt embarrass!

I completed the run not feeling very proud of myself but I should have.  This was the first 18 mile run I ever did.  I should be proud I made it this far!!!  I was definitely exhausted but I learned:

1.  Rest between long runs
2.  Don’t party or do anything strenuous night before
3.  Don’t eat heavy meals before the race
4. Always be prepared and double check night before and before leave house

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Autosource 25 K

I did the Autosource 25 K which was a 15 mile race on 10/1/2017.  This was 3/5 races from the 808 Race Hawaii 2017 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series.

I was scared to do this race.  My fiancé' cousin's girlfriend did this race and injured her knee.  She told me the course was mostly hills and she got a knee injury and it took a long time to recover.  I did not train for hills.  I did do some runs before the race.  So I was a bit prepared.

The day before the race we walked around Chinatown?  Was that a good idea?  I carb load with manapua, pork hash, donuts, nam khao and beef jerky.  I picked up my packet at Autosource then headed home.  After being home for a short while, we went back into town to my friend’s birthday party at Dave and Buster.  We stayed out late playing games.  We didn't get back home till 11pm.  I went to sleep right away but woke up late at 4am.  I did something different.  I used skort, compression socks, cooling towel, brought raisin and fruit gummies and ditched my hydration belt for my fiancé waist bag.  My fiancé dropped me off at Kailua Beach, but I got there too late to be part of the walkers.  Then I had to pee so I started the race late!

1-5 mile - I didn't know where the start of the race was.  All the runner were way ahead of me.  It was really dark out but I followed the signs and people that we're ahead of me.   From the start at Kailua Beach we headed into Lanikai.  The hills didn't seem so bad at first.  I did get thirsty before the first aid station.  I grabbed my ice that stored my cooling towel and ate some gummy bears.  The view was beautiful we ran back to Kailua Beach.

6-8 mile - I ran toward Kaneohe Bay.  This part of the course was flat and my pace was not too bad.  It was starting to get hot so I made use of my cooling towel.  I drank water at each aid station and ate more gummy bears along the way.

9-13 mile - Once I got to the Marine Corp Base I stated to slowdown.  We were going up on an inclined and the roads were uneven so I had to watch my stepping.  My shoes didn’t feel comfortable.  My knees, legs, hips started to hurt.  It was getting hotter!  I didn’t know if I could make it.  The vog was thick.  I was feeling really tired!  Then I realize this is way longer than I normally do.  Lack of sleep, all this walking before hand and not enough distance training... shit!

14-15 miles - As I ran back to Kailua Beach Park, I started to pick up speed.  I was relieve that the race was nearing the end.  The last water station was out of water, but I was ok since I knew there will be water at the end.  When I got closer to the finish line I went faster until I crossed it and I was done.

This was definitely a killer race.  The hills really suck!  The road here sucks.  The vog/weather sucked!  It was the view and change in scenery that made this run tolerable!  This run has defiantly taught me to prepare better for my long runs!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Runner's HI 20 K

On Labor day weekend I did the Runner's HI 20 K which was a 12 mile race.  This was 2/5 races from the 808 Race Hawaii 2017 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series.  The days before this run I did not train at all.  The weekend before the work week I did not do my long run.  Work has been stressful training new staff and overtime.   I had no time to run.  Not a good sign...

I picked up my packet at Runner's HI on Saturday.  I use to live in Aiea but never had a reason to go into the shop.  It's a very small shop with running shoes and running gear to the left and kayaking supplies to the right.  The staff running the packet pick up were the same people that was at Boca Hawaii. 

After leaving the shop I went to the mall with my daughter.  We carb load with cookies and for dinner I ate pizza.  I am so distracted with Game of Thrones.  I just started watching this TV series and could binge watch it all day and night, but I got ready for race.  This time I plan to use my new hydration pack that my fiance bought for me.  Last race I had frozen blueberries with me.  This time I brought Logan.

At first I was thinking to walk to Barber's Point Elementary School, but because it was so dark out I decided to drive.   I really did not get that much sleep.  I woke up later, about 4AM.  I ate some fried rice for breakfast then I headed out to the race area before 5AM.  I was not nervous, but I was not prepared.  I forgot my chapstick and my sweat wrist band.  I did bring my arm reflective light.  Raul from Boca gave his speech and the "walkers" started about 10 minutes before the race.   

1-5 mile - I did very good.  I ran comfortably.  It was not hot in the beginning and I was very slow.   I kept my pace steady.

6 -8 mile - I started to slow down.  The Kapolei heat was started to take it effects on me.  I started to drink more water and ate my Logan during the race. 

9 -11 mile - feeling disappointment I started walking.  I tried to run when I didn't feel so tired.  I ran out of water in my hydration pack and grabbed water from the aid station.  I drank some and splash some on my body.

I was happy to finish the race, but I realized the importance of training and being prepared.  I will need to be better prepared.  I need to make time to run.  Set your intentions and do it, and do it right!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Boca Hawaii Norman Tamanaha 15 K

So Kevin, one of my neighbors who speeds walks the marathon asked me if I have been training for the marathon.  I honestly run/walk 2x a week but not long distances.  He warned me that since its getting closer to doomsday I need to work on my mileage.  OMG yes 26 miles, what was I thinking.   I looked at the my Runkeeper app and honestly I have only been running 1-2 miles.  I seriously need to train!

To motivate me to run longer I added more races.  Call me crazy.  I signed up for 808 Race Hawaii 2017 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series.   This is a set of 5 races leading up to the Honolulu Marathon.   I told myself why not.  Spending money on my health, enjoying the outdoors and running somewhere other than my home turf should be fun.  Yes, I am crazy.

So the first race, was the Boca Hawaii Norman Tamanaha 15 K (9 miles).  I have ran 8 miles and hiked 16 miles before so I was confident I could do this.   I had less than 2 weeks before the first race and I did walked/run a little more...  Yesterday before my volunteer shift I picked up my packet at Boca Hawaii and took advantage of carb loading eating lot of yummies.  I ate a chicken bagel sandwich from This is it Bakery, Korean fried chicken baa and lobster macaroni and taters from Bao Tao'n and donuts from Dunkin Donuts.  Yes I was a fatty.  As I prepared for my race the night before. I realize how unprepared I was and started to get nervous.  What was I getting myself into?  Couple days ago my daughter and fiance got sick and I may have gotten their cold or maybe my allergies was acting up because I was coughing and had a running nose.  I got my stuff prepared and went to bed before 10pm.

I got up at 3am, did my normal routine: check my BP, take my BP meds, allergy med, hydrated, drank coffee.  Eventually I got ready,  I wore my Run Rest Repeat shirt from Old Navy, My No Excuse Mom hat, and Yelp wrist band.  I had my breakfast of turkey, cheese tortilla.  I was too nervous to eat, but knew I would get hungry.  I brought frozen blueberries with me and nuts.  I also had extra battery pack for my phone, lip balm.  I almost forgot my sunscreen and socks.  I headed out to Kapiolani Park but I was confuse on where to park.  Eventually I found my way and joined the racers.  I felt odd, like I was not in the right place.  I had no one to talk to, but I people watch till they called the "walkers" to check in.   Since my pace is about 15 minutes I placed myself in this category.  We were allowed to start 20 minutes before the "runners".  Raul from Boca Hawaii gave his speech and we were off.

1 mile - I am doing good.  I "ran" most of the way.
2 mile - slight incline on Diamond Head.   I "ran" and enjoyed the beautiful surf.  I saw the aid station and got a water and Gatorade, then dumped the weird juice and got more water.
3 mile - steeper incline on Diamond Head.  I walked because the runner started to past me and got intimidated.
4 mile - downhill so I started to "run" till we got to Kahala Mall and realized I was half way through. I hydrated with 2 cups of water at the next aid station.
5 mile - its getting hot!  I started to slow down again.  My right heel ached a bit.  
6 mile - wahoo 1/3 more to go.  I kept my pace barely walked but I know I was slow
7 mile - I see bikers.  I want to ride a bike back.  I walk/run most of the way.i
8 mile - wahoo, 1 more mile to go.  This is where I started to get emotional.  I started to think about how close I was to the finish line, how busy it has been at work.  How hard I have been working these past few weeks and to do something like this, I am crazy, but even though work is hard, and running is hard too I was enjoying this crazy race!

I held back my tears and completed the 9 miles.   I was so happy that I did my first 15 K and by myself.  I drank 2 cups of water ate a brownie did some stretch and digged out.  I was about 8am.  Might as well go home and eat.  I ate donuts, left over chicken, kale and scramble egg.

I realized that running is a therapy.  It can be tough, but it also takes practice, patience and persistence.  I must be crazy to be enjoying this!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fitish dreaming of food

So I've been through a crazy health journey.  From weighing 180s to losing 50 pounds and stalling out and now learning to manage stress better and maintaining the weight and lifestyle.  I would love to lose more weight but I can't... haha or maybe I can but not trying hard enough.  I was discourage due to restarting my blood pressure medications.  I tried to give up meat but realize I can't.  So I've come to realize you can still eat and enjoy life but in moderation.

So here comes the food dreams.  When I turned 30 I had the best birthday lunch ever at Mitch's Fish Market.  We tried the chef special which was about $70 per person and included lobster sashimi, assorted sashimi, assorted sushi, baked seafood vanvan, lobster miso soup.  This place popped my seafood/sashimi/sushi cherry!  Ever since I tried this place my fiancé and I have been out a sashimi kick. My taste buds have change to appreciate different fish types, quality, cuts, decor/display, taste which of course comes with a high price. My fiance started to get interested in sashimi knives and cutting up fish.  So we have been eating more sashimi!   We prefer sashimi over sushi since I don't eat a lot of rice.  Conveyor belt sushi joints do not satisfy my palate.  I also watched "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" and started to appreciate sashimi/sushi even more.

I've grown to appreciate wine.  Love trying different Merlots from different wineries!

I've grown to appreciate green tea, Matcha.  My mom works for a green tea company so I am lucky to try different types!

I watched the movie "In defense of food" based on  Michael Pollan's book which concluded "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants."  I totally agree.  I was inspired to keep working out and eating good!  I am fitish, I am a foodie and I will embrace my love for food!