21 Day Fix Results

The 21 day fix is a great program for someone who wants to take the steps to losing weight.  You do not need to hire a trainer or go to the gym.  The 21 day fix program is everything you need in the comfort and privacy of your home!!!  The plan created by Autumn Calabrese includes a DVD for 7 day workouts that are 30 minutes long that you do for 21 days, a nutritional guide with containers of how much to eat.  You do need to buy dumb bells or a resistance bands.  If you do the workouts and follow the recommend foods by portioning out in the containers you will see results.

I heard about this program in May.  I was 6 months postpartum and ready to get lose some weight, but as a new mom I didnt know how to start (read more here).  I was skeptical at first but I took a chance and I'm grateful I did because this program has changed my life.   It is great for someone like me that loves food and does not know how to start this weight loss journey!  My problem was over eating.  I could workout, but I ate a lot. The containers help you so you don't have to guess how much calories to eat, just portioning out the food helps you to eat in moderation to lose weight. 

I was in a challenge group and posted my daily eating and workouts with the group members.  Sharing my experiences made me more aware of my eating amounts and I felt accountable.  I wanted to succeed, I wanted to lose weight!!!  
So here are my results...

Before 21 day fix: May 12
Weight 163
Chest 37
arms 13.5
Waist 34
Hip 39
Legs 21

Round 1 results: June 2
Weight 154
Chest 36
Arm 12
Waist 33
Hips 38
Legs 20

Round 2 results: June 22
Weight 151
Chest 36
Arm 12
Waist 31
Hips 36
Legs 19
So with 2 rounds (42 days) I lost 12 pounds since starting 21 day fix.  This is a total of 37 pounds since I started trying to lose weight!!!