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Hi my name is Jenn. I am a Registered Nurse with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, charge nurse and mother to baby J from Oahu, Hawaii.  I use to weight 188 pounds, wear size 12 pants and XL top, but I have loss 50 pounds, wear size 4 pants, medium top!!!   I am fitish foodie, trying to find balance with life, family, work.  I am also getting married in 2018 to Mr P (future Mrs P)!!!  

The reason I made this site was to have a place to journal about my health journey.  As a nurse, I have worked with really sick patients.  I worried about my own health and started thinking of ways to better myself.  I wanted to be a good example for my family, friends and patients.  This blog originally documents my weight loss, but it has expanded to include being happy and healthy for my mind, body and spirit.  Learn about my why here.

If my journey inspires you great!  As a nurse and health professional I am always doing continuing education to help optimize my knowledge and skills.  I will share my knowledge with you, cite my sources to help empower my life and yours.  I am not here to sell you any products, although you may see products that I have used in the past.  I will share my results, reviews, my thought about working out, eating healthy and just being more happier!!!

I hope my journey shows you that even though health professional preach for a healthy lifestyle sometimes it can be difficult to maintain, but I’m here to motivate you to keep going!!! You can leave a comment anywhere on my blog, Instagram or email me!

My Weight Loss History

I always thought I ate healthy, I just overate. Never really been a fit person so working out was new for me.  At the age of 19, I was diagnosed with hypertension. I was a college student at the University of Hawaii, who was obsess with trying to get into nursing school and becoming a nurse.  I studied really hard, took a nurse aide training program and worked as a nurse aide while going to school.  I worked in the nursing home for a few months then in mother baby care for 2 years.  When I finally got into nursing school, it consumed my life and I gained a lot of weight during nursing school.  I worked on the weekend as as a ward clerk until I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in December 20, 2008. I studied for NCLEX, passed and was issued my Registered Nurse License for the State of Hawaii on March 14, 2009.  Hawaii had a nursing freeze so it was difficult for many nurses to get a job.  I was blessed with my first Registered Nurse job on June 23, 2009 as a call-in Registered Nurse in Oncology/Medical-Surgical then started working part time night shift.  My life was dedicated to nursing.  I took care of really sick patients, but I didn’t take care of me, I really let myself go!  Then my divorce happened in 2010.  I was about 188 pounds, ate out a lot and depress. I started working out at the gym to help relieve stress and hired a trainer to help get serious with my health. I started dating my then boyfriend (Mr P) and we got into hiking with his sisters. I lost about 15 pounds (173 pounds), but it took awhile and I wasn't consistent with working out.  I landed a full time job, paid off some debt, started my first semester of graduate school (only took 1 semester).  In 2012, I bought my townhouse and moved out on my own, becoming a real adult!  I also became more aware of my eating since I needed to cook for myself. I explored juicing, eating organics and started running. I signed up for the 2013 Great Aloha run, an 8 mile run which really got me motivated! I had lost more weight about 14 more pounds (159 pounds) while training for the run. I was so happy I did this run, but shortly after I found out I was pregnant and gained 26 pounds back.

During pregnancy I was diagnosis with preclampsia and gestational diabetes. I could not workout, was on strict bedrest, had to monitor my blood pressure and blood sugar daily.  I gave birth early due to my baby having low-birth weight in-utero.  Since my baby was premature I had to focus my time on my baby.  I was breastfeeding and went back to work as a night shift nurse 6 weeks postpartum.

I was 6 months postpartum about 165 pounds when I signed up for the gym again but it was hard to go because they kept calling me when baby was fussy and they do not do diaper changes. I also was still breastfeeding and felt like I wasn't eating enough...

The universe works in mysterious ways.  I was able to meet with Jess Arrigo who was a Beachbody Coach (wholehealthlife).  She hosted a 5 days eat clean challenge on Facebook and she guided me on setting goals, eating clean, tracking calories which help shed some light on "eating healthy".   I soon started Beachbody's 21 Day Fix and fell in love with the program.  The program helped me lose weight by eating clean/healthy, portion control and DVD workout routines.  The best thing about the workouts is it's only 30 minutes and you can do this in the privacy of your home.

I have completed 3 rounds of 21 Day Fix, p90x3, Body Beast, 2 rounds of 21 day Fix Extreme and Hammer and Chisel. I also drank Shakeology!  These programs help me lose about 35 pounds, I was down to 130 pounds!

Stress management has always been an issue that I struggled with. In September 2014, I took a job as a clinic nurse in Ophthalmology and my life changed dramatically. Learning a new job, commuting, figuring out day care, being a new mom, managing the house and trying to lose weight was overwhelming and I had no time! Then in my short months working I became the charge nurse. Beachbody was not working for me so I started to explore different workout guides and nutritional styles like Paleo, Low-Carb and Carb Cycling to improve my health.   The lowest weight I have gone down to was 128 pounds.   The weight number on the scale and how I look was awesome, but I did not feel good.  Sometimes a number on the scale is not what is important.  It is about how you feel!  

I acknowledge my passion for food and fitness by proclaiming myself as a fittish foodie. I've gained some weight since October 2016. My weight fluctuates between 135-142, but I try not to obsess about this.  My goal to lose weight has changed to maintain my weight loss (never to get back to 188), keep eating healthy, manage stress and find balance in it all.

What am I up to now?
You can find my updates about my journey hereInstagram and MyFitnessPal

Don't I have another blog?
Yes... I talk about my story to get it separated here