Vegan Shakeology

Here is my review on Vegan Shakeology.  I was interested in a meal replacement because I was skipping meals, I felt sometimes I wasn't eating enough and I binge after I work nights. 

I consulted with my doctor before I bought the product and they actually did not approve it for use for me since I was still breastfeeding and I never tried it before.  I waited before I made the educational decision to try it.  I did not go against medical advise.  As a nurse I reviewed the ingredients and decided to use it as a supplement to my nutrition and not as a replacement meal.  I ordered the Shakeology as a challenge pack with p90x3.  I later consulted with a nutritionist who was not against the use of supplemental nutrition as long as I continue to eat healthy, include calcium rich foods since I was still breastfeeding.

Vegan chocolate is my favorite.  When I have a sweet tooth craving it helps me out.  It's perfect as it is no need to mix much in it.  I normally just add water!!!

Strawberry is ok... I prefer to mix in fruits with water and blend it all together.  I do taste the chalkiness and bitter.  With almond milk it does taste better.

So I use Shakeology more as a post workout and a snack.  I learn to create a schedule and meal plan to help me so I don't skip meals.  So far so good.  I feel shakeology has been curbing my appetite and keeping me full.  I feel like I don't need as much coffee too.  

So I did an experiment to try for about 3 days without Shakeology to see if there was a difference without.  I felt more moody and lack of energy.  So I am back on shakeology as my supplemental snack.  I will continue the vegan Shakeology for home direct.  I will also sample the other flavors and see which one I like the best.